Mitsubishi TBR30N

3.0 Tonnen
Tow Truck
AC Antrieb

Versatile pulling power... And class-leading ergonomics

With a wealth of ergonomic and safety features, the TBR30N tow truck blends operator comfort, precision control and sheer strength to deliver efficient and reliable performance. Among many innovations is the model's user-friendly Maxius steering wheel and controls, which are combined with progressive steering, automatic speed reduction when cornering and automatic drive wheel centring to ensure total confidence when manoeuvring at all speeds.

Designed for indoor use, primarily within the automotive sector, the versatile TBR30N promises exceptional productivity. Its spacious, uncluttered operator compartment gives easy walkthrough access, while its large, non-slip working platform acts as a 'deadman' pedal - allowing movement only when an operator stands on it. Speed and other parameters can be programmed to suit the application and the operator. Maximum drive speed is 12 km/h when the operator is riding but a safe limit of 2.5km/h is automatically set when the truck is switched to walk-beside mode.


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